Hungry Love Gourmet

Eat salad and fruit before your carbs. Add a (generous) pinch of nutmeg to your soups. It's always BBQ season in my kitchen.
Store vinegar in the fridge. 
Wrapping anything (fish, meat, chicken, fruit) in pastry dough makes the ordinary special. Yes, store bought.

Sear meat, chicken and fish on high heat to lock in juice
and get those "As Seen on TV" grill marks.
Parchment paper is your friend under meat, chicken, fish & grilled veggies. Your hands, nails & sponge will thank you.
Try ethnic markets for new products and better prices.  

Butter has feelings too. Don't ever say it's bad for you, and it won't be. Add BBQ sauce the last 10 min of cooking to avoid burning.   

Writing down your menu will help you shop, cook and serve smarter.

Bake your next cake in a water bath. You won't believe how silky smooth it will be.   Buffet might sound less classy, but is a relaxed, social way to entertain.

Spice your lettuce with salt and pepper before you dress it for a lot more flavor.
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