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I just polished off a bag of cheese puffs so I don’t claim to have all the answers. Actually, I do have all the answers, but I ignore them on a semi regular basis. I never buy white bread, usually buy whole grain pasta and eat a lot of fruit and veggies. I eat well most of the time, so when I indulge, I’m not interested in guilt. As I was saying, good food will lead to more energy and better skin, if less fun. Plus, healthy eating is very much in vogue.
I’ll admit it: I have a sweet tooth. I crave a little something at the end of a meal, but that little something, doesn’t have to be dark chocolate lava cake, every time. Fresh fruit, especially when in season, is the best “fast food” there is. Eat it by itself, or doll it up it with yogurt & granola. The French enjoy it with cheese & nuts, but their movies tend to be slow and dull. End healthy meals deserve healthy endings. So do you.
If you don't drown it in dressing. Salad is not a dirty word. No really. Salads can be extremely delicious and filling. You can toss just about anything in them, including your favorite protein or nuts. Have a salad at least once a day -it's a great way to keep your dinner light. Check out the Soup & Salad section for healthy recipes.
If you’re
going to regret eating it, don’t buy it. If portion control is your problem,  buy the overpriced 100 calorie packages, or divide it into small portions when you get home. Or hide it from yourself. There is way too much tempting stuff in that store -go armed with a shopping list and never, ever go hungry. You never regret buying healthy snacks. Unless you'd rather be eating chocolate. I'm just saying...
"IN SEASON" PRODUCE              
It tastes so much better and keeps your local farmers in business. Make visiting farmers' markets part of your routine and buy organic if you can afford it. You won't believe how much flavor you've been missing. Healthy recipes taste that much better with in season produce.
Get your kids to help you come up with ideas/menu plans. If they shop with you, cook with you, dare I say clean with you, they’ll eat more & complain less. -Not about the cleaning, about the food. Get them used to eating healthy meals. On the rare occasion, shopping together can even be fun.

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